In 1989, the foundation for B GREEN by Callapor A / S was laid. Erik Pedersen started Callapor A/S with Karsten Hansen. The original purpose of the company was to produce calla bulbs in Portugal. A Danish grower was employed to manage production. The company discontinued production of calla bulbs, and has since changed name to B GREEN by Callapor A / S.
Erik Pedersen started in parallel with the production of calla bulbs, an import of clay pots, and for many years, he supplied clay pots to Danish growers.
In 2004, Birgitte Hougaard was hired and became responsible for expanding the wholesale business of pottery. The same year, was also B GREEN’s first exhibition at the Formland Show. Thereafter B GREEN slowly but surely expanded the customer base and participated at the Formex show in Stockholm for the first time in 2009.  In 2011 the exhibition at Oslo in Norway was added to the list and today B GREEN participate in 9 shows annually.
B GREEN’s assortment is the more “rustic” line. We continuously expand our range of genuinely patinated pottery. We are currently the largest provider of these unique pots in Scandinavia.
Our RAW Cement series is recognized for its simplicity. Our classical designs in terracotta pottery fills many needs.
Lately we added a vintage series to our lines. This series is unique because each piece is genuinely old and each metal or wood crate has actually been used in some production constellation.
Our goal is to deliver different quality products, that are not easily found anywhere else. All at very reasonable prices. We also highly emphasis good customer service.
In keeping with our high level of customer service we just opened our webshop. It is now possible for you to view our products and prices. Orders can also be placed, once you obtain a log-in from us.
B Green by Callapor A / S takes responsibility. We actively work with environmental issues as a constant process. We have great focus on the conditions under which our products are produced. We actively work with our suppliers, visiting them regularly to ensure understanding of and adherence to our requirements regarding safe working environments.
Furthermore B GREEN supports an orphanage at the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.